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We wish to inform everyone that Clairvoyant Becca's Facebook page has regrettably fallen victim to a cyber attack, leading to unauthorised individuals assuming her identity and disseminating content that does not align with Becca's values or intentions for her followers. It is disheartening for Becca, considering the substantial effort she has invested in amassing a following of 86,000 individuals.


The breach occurred during the previous week, and diligent efforts have been underway to restore control over the compromised account. Regrettably, thus far, our attempts to regain access have proven unsuccessful. We remain hopeful of reclaiming control in due course. In the interim, we kindly request all concerned parties to redirect their attention and support to Becca's newly established page.



We are pleased to extend a warm welcome to Kerri, who joins our team as the manager for Becca. Kerri brings with her a wealth of experience in the field of marketing and promotions, having worked across various platforms ranging from publishing and brand strategy to journalism in both the American and Australian markets.


Kerri's decision to join us stems from her unwavering belief in Becca's potential and the value of her brand and mentoring workshops. Together, they share a common vision of empowering women and fostering an environment where women support and uplift each other. We firmly believe that their collaboration will create a formidable team, capable of delivering unparalleled services that have the power to transform lives and inspire countless individuals.


The collective expertise and dedication of Kerri and Becca will undoubtedly create a powerful synergy, enabling us to provide unparalleled services that have a profound impact on our clientele. We are excited about the prospects that lie ahead and look forward to the positive influence their partnership will have on our organisation and the individuals we serve.

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Relationships - Love - Personal Development - Career -   Family - Wellbeing -  Spiritual Development -
Intuitive Mentoring & more

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"Australia's most sought after Clairvoyant & Intuitive Mentor"

Clairvoyant Becca possesses a remarkable and distinctive psychic ability, accompanied by a radiant and calming energy. Her unwavering dedication lies in empowering every individual she connects with, providing them with clear guidance, relevant tools, and practical insights tailored to each unique session.


Endowed with innate gifts from birth and belonging to a lineage of clairvoyants spanning three generations, Becca's connection stands unparalleled. Often leaving clients astounded, her channeled readings are characterised by intimate details and unwavering accuracy. Engaging in a reading with Becca grants you a profound understanding of the present and establishes a solid foundation to support your future endeavours. She extends her intuitive mentoring sessions to all areas of your life, empowering, aligning, developing, and offering unwavering support in both the present moment and your future self.


Private sessions are conducted on an individual basis through phone or video calls. Additionally, Clairvoyant Becca can be exclusively booked for public platform events and face-to-face readings at various public gatherings throughout 2023.


Online, Clairvoyant Becca hosts an array of services including readings, intuitive mentoring, workshops, and provides exclusive VIP Package memberships, catering to a diverse range of needs and preferences.



I had my first reading with Becca today and it was also my first reading ever.
It absolutely blew my mind. 🤯
Everything she said was so spot on and I couldn’t believe how much she knew about me without ever meeting me before.
She has definitely put my mind at ease for a lot of things.
Can’t wait to have another reading!! Thank you soooo much Becca! STEPHANIE- Australia

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South Australia

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