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Becca is one of Australia’s most trusted Clairvoyants by consistently delivering accurate readings to clients worldwide for the last 15 years. By booking an exclusive appointment by phone or video call, Clairvoyant Becca can provide clarity and guidance through her channelled reading session with you. 

Clairvoyant Becca connects to your current energy field and spirit, to bring forth messages of guidance relating to the present and future. Her energy is gentle, direct, yet incredibly empowering and sessions provide incredible levels of detailing. 

Sessions with Becca can be focused on general aspects where she will bring through the guidance sitting in your energy field covering general life areas for present and future, or you can choose a more specified reading focus covering limited aspects of your life ie: relationship & career, or you can choose to have a complete session focused on one topic of your choice.  Its your session with Becca – so you get to choose.


Becca believes there are times in our lives when we all need a little help, perhaps a difficult decision to be made, you’re at a crossroad, greater clarity and understanding to be brought to a situation, grief to be healed or the desire to see from a higher perspective or see future directions and she is passionate about bringing forward guidance to leave you feeling inspired as you receive valuable insights during your session with her about yourself and your life.


Sessions can be hosted by phone call, or video call. 


To request an exclusive “Psychic Reading” appointment, simply click on the REQUEST BOOKING BUTTON

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Feeling lost?

Feeling like you can't relax and let go?

Want to feel balanced in your life and get your life back in order?

Holistic Mentoring provides you with support and guidance to transform your life!

Becca will help you heal and allow you to become the best you. She will assist you to step forward and embrace the changes that you are seeking and needing at this time in your life.

Empowering you to take the world on.



This is all about YOU!

Self-Empowerment Mentoring has a focus on where you're heading and the steps you need to do to create the life you want. Designed to transform and inspire, Becca will give you greater self-awareness and intentions. Unlocking your true potential and power. 

You will leave each session feeling mindful and with a purpose.



Finding it hard to have the confidence in finding love? Or are you needing guidance to help you connect on that level of communication between two souls?

Relationship and Dating Mentoring is perfect for someone wanting to dive deeper into their current relationship- or maybe you want to get back into the dating scene.

Perhaps you want to reconcile with an ex-partner, and find that strength and

independence after a separation. These sessions are all about finding your self-confidence and self-love, becoming the best version of yourself.

Releasing doubts and insecure thoughts and feelings to take your energy to the next level of intimacy.Open your journey to help you feel balanced in one of the most important core issues in your daily life.

To be LOVE we must become LOVE, let’s get started!


Calling business minds! This powerful mentoring will give you insights into building a thriving business. Empowering you to overcome, fears and behaviours that are blocking you from success.  Sessions with Clairvoyant Becca motivate you with inspirational strategies and uplifting energy to you and even your team. Focusing on clarity, balance and psychic insights into future outcomes. Becca will work with you to support you in all areas of emotions to keep the energy positive and you aligned to your goals.



Are you in tune with the hints and signs the universe is sending you?

Intuitive Awakening Mentoring is a process designed to help you develop your self-awareness. By doing this you connect more effectively into your intuition.

Becca will give you the tools and techniques to tap into the calling from the universe



Every single mentoring session can be custom tailored to your specific area or needs to support you to be the best version of you, in one or multiple aspects of your life. 


Individual sessions or packages are hosted by phone or video call. 


Mentoring packages can be purchased online on the BUY NOW Page 


To request an exclusive “Mentoring” appointment, simply click on the REQUEST BOOKING BUTTON

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Clairvoyant Becca loves to teach! She's passionate about sharing her knowledge,

and supporting others to develop. 

Clairvoyant Becca regularly runs a range of online workshops via private Facebook Group.

Workshops Include:

Beginners Angel Card Mastermind Class

Beginners Meditation Class

How to Crystal Grid

21 Day Manifestation Masterclass

21 Day Self Love Challenge Masterclass 

Plus more

To book in for upcoming classes listed on Facebook simply purchase via the BUY NOW tab, or request via the REQUEST BOOKING

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