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Introducing Double Healings with Kholer and Becca 

Thrilled beyond words to share that my phenomenal business partner, Kohler, and I are launching an electrifying new service: Double Spiritual Healings!  


Together, we're combining our boundless energies to offer an unparalleled experience like no other. Whether in person, via distance, or through video sessions, our spiritual healings promise to ignite your soul and uplift your spirit. Plus, we're hitting the road, bringing our transformative energies straight to you or welcoming you into our studio sanctuary. 


If you're craving a powerful shift or yearning for an extraordinary journey, look no further – this is your moment! Our track record speaks volumes, and we're bursting with anticipation to connect with each and every one of you.


$200 - 45 Minutes 

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The power of images unveils the secrets of the heart. With a single photograph, Becca delves into the mystical realm, deciphering the future and unraveling the intricate vibes surrounding your romantic journey.


Are you consumed by questions, their answers shrouded in uncertainty? Do you seek guidance to navigate the complexities of love? Wondering if your investments are futile and if it's time to move on?


Look no further, as Becca guides you through the corridors of your heart's desires. With intuition and spiritual prowess, she unlocks hidden messages within each photograph, transcending visual limitations. She unravels cosmic threads, illuminating the path ahead and revealing the whispers of fate.


Through a transformative journey of self-discovery, Becca taps into wisdom from ethereal realms. She reads the lines etched on faces, the flicker in eyes, and the subtle nuances of auras. Every detail tells a story, woven into a tapestry of understanding.


Becca offers solace, clarity, and nurtures hope, empowering you to make informed decisions aligned with your heart's desires. Whether it's an unfolding future, unrequited love, or a bond seeking release, her guidance shines light on obscured paths.


Step into the realm of Photo Romance Readings by Becca, where photographs become gateways to enlightenment. Trust the journey, embrace the unknown, and let destiny's whispers guide your heart.

Your love story awaits, and Becca stands ready to illuminate your path.


During a psychic reading, Becca adeptly taps into the profound wisdom of your higher self and spiritual guidance, channeling their benevolent counsel with utmost care. As an accomplished clairvoyant, Becca establishes a profound connection with your energy, seamlessly bridging the gap between realms using her intuitive gifts and the power of her sacred cards and spirit. These exquisite cards serve as conduits for the manifestation of affectionate messages, enveloping you in a tapestry of love, support, and guidance throughout your journey.


Experience the incredible services of Becca today and discover the variety of ways you can receive your personalised reading. Whether you prefer the convenience of voice recordings, the intimacy of video messenger, the comfort of phone readings, or the magic of in-person sessions, Becca offers a range of options to cater to your individual preferences.


Relationship and dating readings are tailored to help you delve into your specific situations, providing insights and guidance when you feel lost. By releasing doubts and insecure thoughts, you can elevate your energy and achieve a higher level of intimacy. Opening yourself to this journey will bring balance to one of the most crucial aspects of your daily life. Remember, to receive love, we must embody love. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!​ To be LOVE we must become LOVE, let’s get started!



Becca's mentoring is a transformative journey that offers you unwavering support and invaluable guidance to reshape your life and concentrate on your future path. By working closely with Becca, you will gain a profound sense of self-awareness and clarity about your intentions, enabling you to unlock your true potential and harness your personal power.

With Becca's unique approach, each session is thoughtfully designed to inspire and empower you. Together, you will identify the necessary steps and actions required to create the life you genuinely desire. As a result, after each session, you will experience a profound sense of mindfulness and a renewed sense of purpose, propelling you forward on your transformative journey.

Some of the topics covered

  • Dating and Relationship

  • Psychic Development

  • Business 

  • Trauma

  • Self Empowerment

  • Manifestation and Law of Attraction

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