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About Chris Kohler

Welcoming Chris Kholer to the Extraordinary World of Clairvoyant Becca Team 


In the realm of spiritual insight and healing, we are thrilled to introduce the newest luminary to grace the Clairvoyant Becca team Mr Chris Kholer. A name synonymous with remarkable abilities and an extraordinary gift that transcends the ordinary, Chris joins her team, marking a rare one of a kind presence in Australia. 


A Connection Beyond the Veil: Chris is not just incredible; he is a conduit to the spiritual realm. His ability to connect with spirits is truly exceptional, making each interaction a profound journey into the metaphysical. His intuition is finely tuned, navigating the unseen with a precision that leaves one in awe.


One of a Kind: Chris is a master in his own right, a one of a kind force in the spiritual landscape. His methods go beyond the conventional, incorporating ancestral connections, channeling energies, and bringing forth healing that resonates on a profound level. His uniqueness is a beacon in the realm of spiritual awakening, especially as a rare gem in the Australian spiritual community. 


Double Healing, Masterclasses, and More: Collaborating with Chris means experiencing healing at a dual level physical and spiritual. His masterclasses are a testament to his commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering others on their spiritual journey. The synergy of forces when Chris and Becca come together creates a powerful resonance that is truly transformative.

Book Your Spiritual Journey:

Chris is currently providing limited availability for single-question readings and anticipates expanding his range of services in the upcoming weeks.






One question reading recorded or written

Valid until canceled

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