Client Reviews



'Becca you are the real deal. XXX'

Today I had a reading done by this beautiful lady Becca. I've known Becca since about 2009 or there abouts. Omg, what can I say. This was my 2nd reading from Becca. The 1st time was back in 2011, she absolutely blew me away with everything that she said. Now what she said would happen, it certainly did. My beautiful father came thru too, then Becca came to my place and got chills up her arms, because she saw a photo and said "that's the man that came thru", it was a pic of my dad.

Today's reading, yet again she was totally spot on with everything going on in my/our life at the moment. I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for my reading today. I'll definitely keep an eye on the dates and "me" time. Sincerely thank you for the feedback concerning with the up and coming event. And definitely the little person is well connected.

I'll definitely hook up with this lady more. Becca you are the real deal. XXX 



'everything she said was 100% accurate'

A few nights ago I had my first reading with Becca, from the beginning to the end everything she said was 100% accurate. I was lucky enough to be connected with my best friend through Becca, the messages gave me chills, but also warmth and love. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to speak with Becca and feel a lot happier in moving forward in my next phase of life. Becca, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much! I'm still finding those little feathers and am noticing a few cheeky things happening around the house that I know exactly who is doing it now!! I haven't stopped smiling since. You are truly amazing and I can't wait to speak to you in a couple of months for an update. Blessings Becca 



'felt cold shivers and had goosebumps was amazing....'

I had my free reading I won for mothers day competition becca had held and I have to say truly amazing. She could describe my situation and gave me some relief and soothed me with insight she had given me. And whilst having my reading done (via messenger) i felt cold shivers and had goosebumps was amazing considering after the reading have not felt since. She is definitely recommended and absolutely a lovely soul. Thank you becca and I look forward to having another reading with you in near future. Xxx



'she was accurate with everything we had a few laughs I had a few tears' 


Tonight I had a reading with Becca I always have an open mind about things she was accurate with everything we had a few laughs I had a few tears sneak out I don’t think she saw lol but all in all she gave me peace of mind and a direction I’m also pretty chuffed my great grand father came through love you da xx thank you Becca you have a wonderful gift and I feel blessed that you chose me my daughter and I had a little laugh about the mother in a past life xx 



'Highly recommend this psychic reader'

I had a really good reading with Becca for the one question reading by messenger. 
She described my situation very accurately and spoke in a compassionate and understanding way. She even interpreted the feelings of another person involved in a way that from what i am told is truly what that person is going through.
She was sensitive to the effects I am feeling from that situation. 
I don't know yet if the predictions will happen as described but at this point, I received guidance and clarity on the issues and my mind feels calmer and clearer after the reading. And that is what I needed.
Highly recommend this psychic reader 



'Thank you so much for inspiring me' 


Last night I had a reading with Becca and all I can say is that she changed my focus from being surrounded by negativity to now being able to begin thinking and feeling positive. She brought forward a lot of things that were true and has inspired me to begin focusing not only on my family but mainly myself as a person. Thank you so much for inspiring me and I’m looking forward to doing more readings in the future xoxo



'100% accurate reading. What a blessing I have received to have you read for me...' 


I had my first reading with Becca today and it was absolutely amazing!!! Thank you Becca for the most incredible, insightful, 100% accurate reading. What a blessing I have received to have you read for me. Thank you for gifting me with more direction, clarity, empowerment, feeling lighter, and the precious messages from my Mamma, Mum and my husband. I feel so renewed and at peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate your time today. I will be recommending you to everyone :)



'Well she’s amazing...' 


Well she’s amazing.... I haven’t actually had a face-to-face reading with her yet She has to come back to Melbourne for that (can’t wait) I’ve had email readings that have been spot on, I have purchased crystals of her she’s just amazing person happy to help anyone in anyway she can.



'So spot on...'


I had my first reading with Bec today. So spot on. The things she brought forward. I do have regular readings but as I said first time with Bec so the things she was saying put a smile on my face as its kind of funny the everyday things she picks up.
She also gave me peace, guidance and support in other areas of my life which I'm looking forward to putting into action. 
Thank you Bec. I'll be back for more