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Smudging is something that we all can learn and its one of the most simple gifts you can give yourself. Smudging is an ancient and sacred practice that can be tracked back to ancient Egypt. Smudging can help clear out old energy and clear old negative vibrations to make way for positive flowing energy within the home and physcial body. Even happy homes can accumulate negative vibrations so its great for everyone to cleanse regulary or when you feel you need it. People come in and out of home and can tend to bring unwanted energy leaving the home feeling unbalaced or even yourself feeling drained. Here are some tips on how to cleanse your home with sage!! It can be done with sage spray, which i have personally created and you can purchase from me, i have made this with my ritual of crystals and signature blend, that consists of pure essential aromatherapy oils !!! Or you can use a smudging sage wand or sage insence.

1. Choose the type sage that you would like to prefer to use which i have listed.

2. Open windows to give negative energy an escape route.

3. Light the stick or insence stick , light the end and once it has lit blow out flame, It will gently smoke.

4. Set your intentions for each room. Perhaps you want to bless it or release a memory or fill the space with more nuturing memory.

You can ask the universe as you are smudging and cleansing each room the desire you are needing at this time, there is no wrong or right with this

process. 5. Walk arount the room and wave the stick or smudge wand along walls, corners, the ceiling and behind doors, all while staying mindful or your

Intention 6 . Now smudging yourself or ask a friend to smudge you. This can be incredibly powerful, especially when you are with someone you love and trust. 7. What ever your souls needs now is the time to cleanse and let it go.

This is also done by spraying the smudge spray in each room and following the same process, for example you can cleanse the house if selling and set the intentions that you are giving permisson for the now owners to step forward and claim the new home. I cleanse my home on a regular basis as i am always working with energy with my clients and cleanse inbetween each person, so i dont take on any unwanted energy and keep balanced at all times !!! Cleansing the home can also release unwanted spirits that may be wanting you attention all the time !!!

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