• Katy Morrison


Basic Meditation For beginners Meditation isnt always easy or even peaceful , but it has truly amazing benefits and im glad you are here to read this bit of insight to help you step forward and introduce yourself to the basics of meditation, welcome to your journey , today is the start of allowing your self to relax and find your sacret space. On my own personal journey with meditation, it has helped me to become more peaceful, more focused, less worried about discomfort, more attentive to everything in my life and help me understand my own mind. Start to find a comfortable place and just take a moment and sit for two minutes. Repeat this each day and increase by two minutes each time you take a moment to sit and do this daily until you can reach sitting there for ten minutes. Focus on feeling your presence and just relaxing and feeling your body each time. If you can do it each morning it will help you to not forget to meditate and get distracted with the everyday routine, if we practise it in our morning routine we tend to use it as a focus point on starting the day off with the right mindset and not forgetting to doing it daily. Dont be to hard on yourself and get caught up in the idea on how to do it and just find a nice quiet space and feel comfortable to relax our physical body and just teach ourself to even become relaxed in one spot.

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