• Katy Morrison

*8 Easy Steps to Manifest

Updated: Dec 22, 2017

I am a big believer in manifesting the things that you desire, one easy step is to visulise your life before you step into alignment and attract what you want.

You can practise anything you want it to be, take a few moments and take a deep breath and find a quiet space and each day take a moment to imagine your mind body and soul the way you want it to be and seeking the peace within

1.Visulise what you are seeking
2. Connect to your desire and feel the emotion , this will help increase the energy.
3. Feel worthy that you deserve it.
4. See yourself accepting the new vision and belief.
5. Set intentions to focus on the energy and find your will
6. Become the energy you set intentions to and act like you are already exsisting the desire.
7. Let go unconditionally and see yourself free and visulise the change you seek.
8. Take steps from emotional into physical and take action.

Are you ready to manifest the life you dream of ? What are you waiting for simply embrace these steps i have created for you to start to learn the 8 easy steps to Manifestation!! Many Blessings to you all !!!

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